The Inbound Marketing Funnel for Schools

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Learn the components of the inbound funnel, and how to make them work for your school.

"Inbound marketing" is a buzz word that has everyone thinking about their website and email platforms, social media presence, and digital marketing budget. But how can a school actually build a funnel that works towards their goals, specifically? We'll tell you!

Join Finalsite Content Marketing Manager Mia Major and Ravenna Customer Success Manager Jess Creach, to learn the elements of the inbound marketing funnel, how to "fix" the parts of your funnel that may be broken, the smartest places to invest time and budget — and more!


  • The basics of inbound marketing
  • What the inbound marketing funnel looks like for schools
  • The steps of an effective inbound marketing strategy
  • The tools required to "do inbound" the right way
  • How to increase inquiries and enrollment when you partner with Finalsite and Ravenna
  • And more!

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