Mid-sized Universities and Website Strategy: From 0s and 1s to Telling Your Story

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What’s the recipe for a successful website at the mid-sized college or university? Put a creative, not technical, team in the driver’s seat and help departments and offices on your campus see you as more than just a fulfillment agency.

Finalsite's Higher Ed/International Sales Manager and Senior Client Success Manager Lorrie Jackson and Lenoir Rhyne Director of Marketing and Communications Angela Reiter discuss tips for success for your online presence, and how a handful of staff can create (and repurpose) storytelling content that leads to an increase in applicants and donations.


  • How mid-sized schools can stand out online
  • Why the creative team is essential to make your web presence awesome
  • How you can maximize a small team to boost enrollment and compete with bigger schools

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  • Higher Ed
  • Marketing/Communications