Successful Social Media For International Schools In 2019

  • On-Demand Webinar

Who has time to waste on social media? No one! So instead, we will share lessons learned from working with schools around the globe who have successfully utilized social media to recruit, retain and engage.

Social Media can be powerful. Whether you're a Director looking to blog or you're a Marketing, Admissions and Development professional that wants to recruit, engage your community and plan successful alumni events, join this webinar to learn how to make an impact with social media.

In this webinar, International Educational Consultant Max Eisl discusses a variety of strategies and topics important to international schools.


  • How different generations consume social media.
  • How to craft a goal-oriented social media plan.
  • What content breaks through the noise.
  • Things to consider with social media advertising.
  • Examples from schools who do it well!
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