Web Design Strategy: Secrets From Successful Districts

This webinar is part of an NSPRA professional development series.

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A well-designed website improves communications, elevates your brand, increases enrollment, and cultivates a happier, more-informed community. But what actually makes a "good" website in 2020? 

Finalsite's Chief Innovation Officer Angelo Otterbein has worked with schools and districts for more than 20 years — and in this 30-minute webinar he shared the best tips, strategies (and even secrets!) to creating a district website that meets your goals, keeps your community informed...and yes, even saves you time. Angelo was joined by Highline Public Schools' Assistant Director of Communications Tove Tupper who shared her story of success.

  • How your district's website impacts communications
  • How districts like yours have found the budget, time and resources to launch a new website
  • Web design best practices and trends to improve communications
  • The importance of implementing a mobile-first design