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SEO in the Age of AI

A Guide for Schools

The world of SEO is rapidly evolving, and the arrival of AI is reshaping how users interact with search engines and your school.

As top-of-the-funnel searches risk being replaced by tools like ChatGPT and Google’s SGE, your school’s SEO strategy and content will become even more important.

At the end of the day, optimizing your school’s website means the difference between AI being able to find your school today, or maybe never.

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Get Your Free Guide

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No matter how impressive your school or district is, it doesn’t matter if families can't find it online.

More than 30 pages explore:

  • Why SEO is still essential for your school
  • How are AI and SEO connected?
  • Will AI replace the need for your school's SEO?
  • SEO for all stages in the family journey
  • The impact of AI on search algorithms, user behavior, and more!