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Discover your website's strengths and weaknesses, and what to do in order to get big results!

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About the Audit

Hundreds of schools and districts have used Finalsite's free website audit as a launch pad for improving their website — whether they already work with us, would like to work with us, or are working with someone else. Our goal is to help you identify your website's strengths and weaknesses, and provide advice to improve it.

Fill out the form below to speak with an experienced school website expert to assess your school's website and learn what types of improvements to undertake to lead to substantial results. A website expert will contact you within one business day.

4 Key Benefits of Your Website Audit

Receive A Website Grade

We will assess your current website, taking into account design, content, functionality and search performance using our tried-and-true website grader. You will receive a copy of your grade with notes after the audit free of charge. No obligation.

Meet With Experienced Consultants

Finalsite's team of consultants and website experts have conducted more than 500 website audits, helping schools around the world make improvements to their site that make a difference.

Don't Begin at Square One

Rather than try to figure everything out on your own, build upon the best practices that have been established and stretch yourself from there. Chances are, you're probably doing a lot of things well, too. We'll let you know!

Get Insight on Essential Functionality

Your site is more than just how it "looks." Starting with Google search, we'll go through a few key areas of what we believe makes a great site, including content, navigation and aesthetic. This will serve as a framework by which we can audit your site efficiently.

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