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Integration Partners

Integrate your school’s software systems with the Finalsite platform for accurate, automated, and secure data.

Single Sign-On (SSO) partners

Maximize the use of all of your external systems by making them simple for your users to access. Single Sign-Ons allow you to securely link end users to all of the other systems they need to use, making your Finalsite Portals the hub of all information, content and third-party software access for students, teachers, parents and alumni.

Student information system partners

From well-established enterprise Student Information Systems (SIS) to custom installations to a home-grown database in FileMaker Pro, we have decades of experience moving data securely and efficiently.

Want an easier way to connect your systems?

Finalsite's growing list of integration partners is just one way our platform makes your life easier. Learn how we can make a difference for your school today!