Achieve ADA Website Compliance with Finalsite

Our Website Accessibility Promise

At Finalsite, our goal is to ensure every one of your website visitor's has the same great experience — which is why we're dedicated to ensuring your website meets WCAG 2.0 standards and has an accessible design from the ground up.

We have professionally trained our team to educate your team. During the deployment process, you'll meet with your Project Manager and Designer to build the website of your dreams while adhering to WCAG 2.0 standards. We'll take the time to walk you through which design elements help and hurt accessibility, and advise your team on best practices for adhering to ADA compliance guidelines during the redesign process and post-launch.

We Help You Achieve and Maintain an ADA Compliant, Accessible Website

Our team is dedicated to building websites and a website platform that are ADA compliant and accessible for all.

We do this by:

  • Hiring the industry's best designers to craft a design, navigation and site structure that takes accessibilty and usability into account for the benefit of all users
  • Educating our employees on accessibility and ADA compliance
  • Training on ADA compliance during the redesign process
  • Mitigating OCR investigations
  • Partnering with AudioEye, the leader in web accessibility, to ensure your website maintains accessibility conformance post-launch
  • Providing resources and training for you and your team
  • Requiring ALT text on thumbnail images
  • Providing the option for ALT text on all other images
  • Supporting video captioning

ADA Compliancy Graphic - Pink, Blue, Purple, Green Design

Free Accessibility Summary and Analysis.

We'll use AudioEye's trusted software to run a full accessibility audit of your website, and provide hard data on the number of accessibility errors present, and advice on how to fix them.

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Simplify Website Management and Achieve Website Accessibility

Equipped with modern editing tools and techniques, such as a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface, responsive design, multi-admin site management, social media integration, and more than a dozen modules to manage content like news, calendars and athletics, Finalsite's CMS, Composer, is built exclusively with schools and districts in mind.

Award-Winning, Accessible Website Design for Districts

At Finalsite, we believe that a website shouldn't just be ADA-compliant, but that it should be inherently designed with accessibility in mind — that's why we've hired the best designers and front-end developers to ensure your design works for all technologies and individuals. With 80 design awards and counting, your website's design is in the industry's most capable hands.

We have design packages to fit any budget, including our new theme designs — which can help you have a live, accessible web design in as little as one month!


Elmbrook Public Schools Website in Laptop and iPhone


jackson county public schools  Website in Laptop and iPhone

Springfield School District

Springfield Public Schools  Website in Laptop and iPhone


Ellington Public Schools  Website in Laptop and iPhone

Finalsite & AudioEye

Finalsite has selected AudioEye as its exclusive partner in school website accessibility, providing schools with a tool that helps adhere to Title II and Section 504 requirements.

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our partnership with AUDIOEYE means you'll have the tools to:

  • Analyze your website, identify and fix accessibility issues
  • Track outstanding errors that require manual intervention
  • Dynamically fix issues of accessibility using TRUSTED remediation technology
  • Provide users with free assistive web personalization tools that make your website easier to use
  • Enable a dedicated accessibility help desk to allow end-users to provide insights and recieve feedback from subject matter experts

When you purchase AudioEye, you'll receive exclusive, preferred pricing that is only available through Finalsite.


"AudioEye's technology-first approach to digital accessibility has proven effective from the very start and should serve as a trusted model for all school districts seeking to conform with ADA-related laws and striving to ensure the highest level of access and usability for the students, teachers, faculty, and communities they serve. When it comes to identifying issues of accessibility, the test results are reliable and accurate; when it comes to fixing issues of accessibility, the AudioEye remediation technology is cost-effective and the impact is immediate."
Michael Miller, Accessibility Coordinator
Seattle Public Schools

Resources for ADA Compliance and Website Accessibility


From setting up communication to going live, and the process of implementation, our final post for our Accessibility Blog Series this week explains what you can expect after installing the AudioEye Ally toolbar on your school website, as well as answers some of your FAQs.

The fourth post for our Accessibility Blog Series this week should help you determine how to best understand the results of your website accessibility testing and how to assure everything you are sharing on your website is accessible to anyone.



"Schools rely on digital content to communicate important information, manage enrollment and provide additional educational resources to their constituents. It is now more important than ever before that students, teachers and parents all have full access to the educational and informational digital content a school district provides on their website."

Jon Moser, Finalsite CEO

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Free Website Accessibility Summary and Analysis

Receive an overview of the specific issues that need to be fixed on your website.

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