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FinalsiteApply Responsive Applicant Interface

Increase Inquiry Traffic with a Responsive Applicant Experience

Because, on average, more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices, FinalsiteApply's applicant interface is responsive — meaning families can easily take the next step in the application process from any device.
Apply's applicant dashboard is also responsive, which allows families to submit invoice payments, view and send new messages, schedule tours, and complete any tasks needed at their convenience.
Robust Admin Dashboard

Stay Up-To-Date With A Robust Admin Dashboard

Responsive, organized and intuitive, Apply's Admin Dashboard gives admissions staff a quick overview of what's on their plate including:

  • to-do items and tasks
  • new messages
  • new inquiries and applicants
  • recent activity from co-workers and applicants
Admin Task List

Divvy Up the Workload with Task Lists

Apply's organized tasks lists are the foundation for an improved workflow for your office. Assign work, check off what's been completed, and see where you can help out in a simple, streamlined and color-coordinated panel right on the admin dashboard.

Tours and Interviews

Schedule Tours and Interviews Online

Simple scheduling of tours and interviews keeps your team and prospective families organized.

The Tours and Interview Calendar lets you:

  • Sync with iCal—great for teams on the go
  • View your schedule at a glance with a color-coded key
And, since families can schedule their own tours, you'll reduce the time you and your staff spend on the phone.

Bulk Messaging

Send Safe, Personalized or Bulk Messages

Private messaging with applicants, families, and your admissions staff increases efficiency in a secure space.

The best part? There's a record of all communications with families and applicants that all admissions staff can see, reducing errors and eliminating duplication of effort.

Decision Notification

Create a Digital Decision Notification

No more snail mail or expensive international shipping!

FinalsiteApply gives applicants instant notification of their admissions decision and saves you thousands in mailing costs—not to mention all that time spent printing labels and stuffing envelopes.

Applicant Checklist

Stay On Task With Organized Checklists

Checklists keep you and your school's applicants on task.

The Application Checklist lets families see where they stand with an easy-to-follow list of what they've completed and what's left to do before their application package is ready for submission.

For admissions staff, a self-populated checklist in the Dashboard keeps important tasks organized.

FinalsiteApply Re-Enrollment Chart

Simplify Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

By taking the process paperless, FinalsiteApply streamlines the workflow of enrolling new students and rolling over returning students from year to year.
For parents, this means no more filling out paper enrollment forms or mailing in checks; for admissions staff, the paperless workflow reduces processing time, errors, and allows for a quick view of enrollment status.

Real Time Report - Conversion Funnel

Create Real-Time Reports and Review Analytics

Building and running reports of all kinds is greatly simplified with FinalsiteApply's reporting and analytics features.

Admissions staff can:

  • create custom reports for internal use
  • build reports for external reporting
  • monitor enrollment
  • track trends with robust analytics
Integration With Finalsite

Populate Data in Finalsite's Constituent Manager

For Finalsite clients, data from applicants and their families can easily be populated populated in Finalsite's Constituent Manager, allowing for:

  • creation of emails in eNotify
  • custom applicant Portals
  • clean, organized data
SAO Integration

Integrate FinalsiteApply with SSATB

For schools accepting the SAO, Finalsite's integration with SSATB means students can apply without filling out a separate application, allowing schools to process a greater volume of applications efficiently.

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