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Composer | CMS for Schools

Build and manage school websites with ease with the Composer CMS.

Composer: A Drag-and-Drop WYSIWYG CMS for Schools

Built with simplicity and schools in mind, Finalsite's Composer CMS empowers everyone in your community to create beautiful, professional looking pages. Our CMS built just for schools provides the simplicity and security website managers require, without sacrificing design quality, functionality or performance.

With an intuitive editing experience, drag-and-drop navigation re-structuring, impressive photo editor, built-in search engine optimization tools, a device preview tool, and integration with Google Analytics and more, you'll have everything you need to drag, drop, edit and compose your way.

Explore Composer

Take two-minutes to see how easy it is to build engaging, visual pages in Composer's easy-to-use WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop editor.

With just a few clicks you can easily:

  • Build compelling, unique layouts with multiple columns
  • Upload images from your desktop, Google Drive and social media
  • Place social media feeds in designs that look great
  • Move elements around to fit the the needs of the page
  • And much more!
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Explore Composer's Most-Loved Features


Editing in Composer is easy because of its intuitive, WYSIWYG interface. No more guessing about what your page will look like when its live!

The WYSIWYG Interface includes:

  • Drag-and-drop elements
  • In-line editing
  • Photo editor
  • A simple interface for styling content, images and more
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Device Preview Tool

Every website built on Composer is 100% responsive, meaning your site is optimized for all devices.

With a built-in preview that shows what your site looks like on phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and TV’s before you publish, you can be confident your site visitors have the same great experience, no matter their screen size.

packer device preview tool - cms for schools

Accessibility Checker

Make it easy for website admins to ensure their content is accessible with a built-in accessibility checker! The Finalsite accessibility checker reviews each content block on your page for a variety of accessibility issues, and make suggestions on how to fix it.

The accessibility checker can look for:

  • Missing ALT text
  • Structural issues (such as missing headings)
  • Issues with links
  • And more!

The accessibility checker is also available in the Finalsite Posts module

finalsite accessibility checker

SEO Tools

Each page built in Composer has it's own SEO settings, ensuring the information required to make that page unique and discoverable to search engines. 

Finalsite Composer is equipped with numerous tools for improving your school's performance in search including:

  • Vanity URLs
  • Custom Title Tag
  • Custom Meta Description
  • Custom Open Graph Tag
finalsite custom seo in composer - cms for schools

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Finalsite Composer offers numerous ways to save you time, including the ability to create content once and then use it anywhere you'd like on the site. These options include:

  • Copy-and-Paste: Copy-and-paste entire elements or containers (including infographics, testimonials, and more) from page-to-page across your site.
  • Shared elements: Love an elements and want to use it on numerous pages? Create a shared element. Shared elements have a single location for editing, so you only have to make the change once to have it reflected everywhere on your school's website.
  • Linked Pages: Linked pages make it easy to duplicate entire pages on your site.
  • C.O.P.E.: Create Once, Publish Everywhere functionality powers each of Finalsite's communication modules, simplifies the content editing process by allowing a central location for editing.
shared elements - composer

Password-Protected Pages

Composer makes it easy to password protect pages keeping it private and only available to the users you share the password with.

password protect pages

roles & permissions

With roles and permissions, you can choose who can edit, publish, and delete pages — ensuring that the power to publish is always in the right hands.

Within permissions you can select who has the ability to view, edit, or publish changes to:

  • Pages
  • Banners
  • Themes
  • Page Pops
  • Shared Elements
  • Search Tools
  • Redirects
finalsite persmissions - cms


Finalsite is committed to keeping your data and your community's data safe and secure, and adhering to GDPR standards.

Learn More About Security & Compliance



Module Elements

Forms, News, Calendars, Blogs, Teacher Pages, and more. Select the element, drag it to the order you want it, then filter the content as needed.



All websites managed using Finalsite Composer are 100% responsive.


Additional Elements

To create a simple, drag-and-drop page-building experience.


Different Page Layouts to Choose From

Choose a 1, 2, 3, or 4 column layout with varying widths. Choose 1, 2, or 3 row layout with varying column options. 


Content Block Layouts

Customize your page even more with accordions, tabs, and content layouts within a section of your page to give it the right look.


Shared Elements

Create as many shared elements as you want, to simplify the content editing experience.


Social Media Elements

Easily bring in content from your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo accounts, add a Google Map or use Feeds.

What Finalsite Composer Users Have to Say...

"Composer is an easy platform for people to learn, especially for those who aren’t well-versed in these systems had no problem learning it. The elements provide us the opportunity to make our pages more engaging. It gives us a lot more flexibility in terms of layout, which helps with making more engaging content. "


"I was super impressed with Finalsite Composer from the beginning. It's really intuitive, and it goes a step further by having already built-out capabilities that hadn't even occurred to me. I kept thinking 'wouldn't it be nice if Composer could do this,' and then I would find out it can! You can just tell the software was really thoughtfully developed, built based on years of experience and requests, layers and layers of requests, and tailored to a website editor's needs and experience."

Alyce Callison, Website and Digital Communications Manager
Germantown Friends School

"It's a testament to the ease of using Composer that someone with little or even no web experience can learn it quickly."

Bethany Silvestri, Directory of Marketing and Communications
Woodland School

"From a designer standpoint, I have enjoyed working in Composer and find it easy to make quick and effective updates as needed, with the help of the style guide, infographics, and cloning options that Finalsite has provided."

Danielle Taylor, Creative Director
Grace Christian Academy

"The Finalsite Platform has helped make the website manageable for our technology department without the need for a full-time technical position. The toolset promotes communication and collaboration with our community by empowering our staff with the ability to contribute and manage much of the content themselves."

Jon Lambert, Directory of Technology
Granby Public Schools

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