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Notifications & Alerts

Real-time notifications to keep your constituents informed.

Instantly notify your constituents via email or SMS text messages.

Finalsite Alerts are real-time notifications that can be sent via email or through SMS text messages. Alerts are integrated into our Posts, Calendar Manager, and Athletics, so that if an event has been postponed, changed or canceled or inclement weather has closed school for the day, you can instantly communicate with parents, volunteers, students, and faculty.

With Alerts, you can:

  • Send real-time notifications to subscribers about changes to events
  • Automatically send email or SMS messages with the Calendar and Athletics modules
  • Automatically send email notifications about new articles in Finalsite Posts
  • Trigger an alert on change
  • Keep constituents updated and informed


Alert your constituents when:

  • Events have been postponed, changed, or canceled
  • Weather causes closings or delays 
  • A new blog post has been published 
  • A new homepage announcement has been posted
  • And anything else you can think of!
hand holding iphone with an automated text alert displayed and a blurred desk in the background

Download Finalsite’s Alerts Datasheet

Send real-time notifications to keep your constituents informed with Alerts. This datasheet includes a brief overview of the Alerts module, a checklist of features and benefits, and product screenshots.