screenshot of carpool map in hand-held cellphone

Constituent Maps

Connect your on-the-go community with an interactive directory.

Make it easy for busy parents to coordinate rides to school or other activities.

Accessed through their password-protected portal, constituents can connect with other families who live nearby via a user-friendly map. Data for Carpool Maps is geo-located and managed using Finalsite Directories, so families will always have the most up-to-date and accurate contact information.

With Carpool Maps, you can:

  • Maintain brand consistency with an inherited website design
  • Keep information safe and secure in a password-protected portal
  • Build community by connecting parents who may not know each other or have an opportunity to meet
  • Display contact information for any household within a specified radius of the parents’ or school’s address
  • Pull Constituent Manager data for up-to-date contact information
  • Respect users’ personal privacy settings for address display


Carpool map on iphone

Download Finalsite’s Datasheet on Carpool Maps

Connect your on-the-go community with Carpool Maps, an interactive directory. This datasheet includes a brief overview of the Carpool Maps module, a checklist of features and benefits, and product screenshots.