Crisis Mode

Lock Your Website Down and Control the Message in Seconds During School Emergencies.

Maintain complete control over your website during any school emergency in just seconds.

School emergencies can happen at even the most prepared of schools. In these stressful times, your communications office needs a quick and easy way to lock your website down and control the message before misinformation or dangerous information is spread.

Crisis Mode is our simple, powerful, and easy-to-use solution built into Composer that allows you to quickly take your entire website offline, save for a single page with information that your constituents absolutely need to know. Crisis Mode means your website and social media feeds are the best source of the most accurate information during any school emergency.

Starting at just $900 a year per school, with affordable pricing models for districts that scale based on enrollment, Crisis Mode is designed to be the quick and easy safety net for schools of all sizes.

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Crisis Mode webpage displayed on an iPhone and laptop

With Crisis Mode, you can:

  • Quickly and easy lock down your website during any school emergency
  • Control the flow of information to and from your school
  • Prevent website crashes during emergencies that bring an abnormally high amount of traffic to your website
  • Continue to update your website in the back end while your website is down
  • Restore your website just as quickly once the crisis is over




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