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Page Notifications

Attract attention to important messages.

Draw Attention to Important Messages with Page Pops

Increase event attendance, share an emergency notification, or drive website traffic to a particular page using Finalsite's Page Pops. Managed using Composer’s WYSIWYG interface, you can use the rich text editor to easily add photos, videos, and links. Page Pops can be shared on any page on your public site and in password-protected portals, meaning you can get as specific or broad with your messaging as you wish.

With Page Pops, you can:

  • Increase engagement and direct site traffic to areas you choose
  • Filter and organize by name and/or status:
    Active, Scheduled, Unscheduled or Expired
  • Share and view updates instantly after posting
  • Add photos, video, or link directly to a specific page
  • Specify start and end times/dates for each Page Pop
  • Add Page Pops to a specific page, a select group of pages, or all pages
  • And more!


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