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Finalsite Streaming powered by LocalLive

Live stream all of your schools events: games, performances, graduations, and more!

Live Professional Broadcast Streaming for Schools and Districts

Bring professional-quality HD video into the homes of your families with Finalsite Streaming powered by LocalLive. Finalsite Streaming allows everyone in your community — near and far — to watch every game, graduation, performance, event, and presentation over the internet, on their computers, tablets, or phones, no matter where they are in the world. 

Finalsite Streaming Benefits Include:

Increased Engagement

Engage your current constituents and alumni with live sports, graduations, performances, speeches, special events, and more

Increased Website Traffic

Increase SEO performance and drive more traffic to your website with live and on-demand HD broadcasts embedded directly on your website(s)

Games are Produced by LocalLive

All games and events are produced and monitored by LocalLive staff - there's no need to hire additional staff or added work for your current busy school staff

Increased Donations

Increase donations with HD graphics and ad inserts before, during, and even after each game and event

Social Media Marketing

Increase your social media presence and market your school or district to prospective families with hundreds of hours of weekly events easily shareable on social media

Professional Equipment Maintenance

All cameras and streaming equipment are monitored and maintained by LocalLive, with reliable customer service and repairs available five days a week and whenever an event is live

LocalLive game producers

Download Finalsite’s Datasheet on Finalsite Streaming

Use Finalsite Streaming to increase engagement, build your video library, boost SEO and search performance, and increase donations. Learn more when you download our Finalsite Streaming datasheet.