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A scalable software platform for all budgets.

Recruit students, help parents stay connected, and empower your staff to easily update content with premium communications products and tools.

Award-winning designers bringing your school to life online.

Schools love how Finalsite finds what makes them unique and translates that into an authentic digital experience.

School marketing experts at your service.

Schools turn to Finalsite's consultants for their decades of experience developing and executing a digital marketing strategy.

Improve School-to-Home Communications with Password-protected Portals.

Portals provide a safe and secure place for your community to access information that's just for them on every device.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

A best-of-breed approach to give you the "all in one" solution you need.

We focus on the critical function of marketing and communication, while leveraging relationships and integrations with 70+ partners to provide a more seamless experience between the school and your constituents.

A team of 200, Finalsite has been serving schools worldwide for 20 years.

Our business has been for and about schools since the beginning, which is why 95% of clients stay with us year over year.

Save Time and Enhance Data Integrity

Our secure integrations with popular SIS providers mean you can replace timely manual data uploads with our automatic transfers for a seamless solution.

Sarah Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications
Choate Rosemary Hall

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Enrollment Management for Schools

Finalsite's Integration with Ravenna creates a seamless admissions funnel to improve the process from inquiry to re-enrollment.

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Two companies reimagining admissions for private schools.

Ravenna offers a modern, highly configurable online enrollment management system for PS-12 private schools nationwide. Paired with Finalsite's Marketing and Communications Platform, your school's admissions office will benefit with a more efficient workflow and a healthier funnel, enabling more meaningful connections with families.

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Finalsite + Ravenna

Unmatched Data Capabilities

  • View admission data in real time

  • Only admission solution that allows comparison to regional and national data

  • Enables easy historical comparison

  • Leverage data from Ravenna to engage prospects

Encourages Regional Collaboration

  • Highlight the many benefits of a private education together

  • Allow families to manage applications to multiple schools in a single place with a single account

  • Professional development derives from connections to other schools

Infinitely Configurable

  • Customize your application to your own unique process

  • Select the forms, events, deadlines, and more for each of your specific grades or types of applicants

  • Layer in SEO and PPC strategies, social media marketing, and more with Finalsite

Paperless Revolution

  • 100% paperless

  • Complete both the application and enrollment/ re-enrollment contract process online

  • Save time and money with Finalsite's partnership with Ravenna by reducing hundreds of hours spent in manual processes annually

Advanced Relationship Management

  • Track and nurture prospective applicants

  • Segmentation tools allow you to communicate strategically with meaningful marketing campaigns with Finalsite

  • Make better-informed decisions with enhanced financial aid and engagement tracking capabilities

Top-notch Costumer Care

  • Support for both your admission team and each applicant’s parents/guardians
  • Thorough implementation and training for school users throughout the school year
  • Finalsite's support is here for you 24/7, and with a 98% Client Satisfaction Rate to boot!

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How it Works

Start With Finalsite

Finalsite will help you tell your story online with award-winning website designs, SEO/PPC services, social media advertising, a best-in-class content management system, and a scalable platform.

Inquire and Apply with Ravenna

Your entire application process is managed in Ravenna, providing your Admissions Office with a paperless enrollment solution while giving a clear step-by-step process to the applicant.

Nurture and Engage with Finalsite

Keep your funnel fresh with Finalsite's expert guidance and Marketing and Communications Platform, including drip campaigns, inbound marketing tools, expert consulting, and email marketing.

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Your Process, from Lead to Enrollment

Manage your entire admission and enrollment process with Ravenna online with a robust, integrated, CRM.

From tracking and nurturing prospective applicants through publishing decisions and collecting signed enrollment contracts, you can do it all in Ravenna. Our collaborative approach to the admission process—with support for shared forms and a centralized application process for families—allows you to increase your efficiencies and gives you access to unprecedented admission data. At the same time, we understand that each school is unique, so our tools enable you to keep your own unique questions and forms, events and processes, allowing you to offer your families the most personalized admission experience available.


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Boost Productivity with Finalsite's Partnership with Ravenna  

Ravenna enables efficiencies that were previously unattainable.

With an online application process, high-volume scanned document processing, online file review and decisions, as well as electronic contract and deposit collection, Ravenna saves your office valuable hours throughout your admission season. By replacing your manual admission tasks with efficient automated processes, Ravenna’s solutions, ADMIT and ENROLL, will transform your entire admission and enrollment process and free up hours of time that you can devote to connecting with families.


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“It was a different world after we implemented Ravenna. The ease of use of the online application benefited parents and the school.”

Greg Jones, Director of Admission
Epiphany School

"Ravenna freed us up to be able to talk to parents about more important topics, not about scheduling visits and tracking application status."

Rebecca Eckstein, VP for Admissions
Woodward Academy

“The winter of 2015 confirmed our choice. Even with the city shut down, Ravenna enabled us to complete application reviews on time.”

Jennifer Hines, Dean of Enrollment Management
Noble and Greenough School

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Download A Datasheet on Finalsite's Partnership with Ravenna

Finalsite has partnered with Ravenna in reimagining admissions for private schools. Download the datasheet to learn more.