Dashboard Features

Equipped with the right tools to measure website performance.

Important Website Metrics at a Glance

It's easy to make sense of website traffic data with Dashboard's colorful, organized charts and displays. Within seconds you'll have a greater understanding of what's happening on your website to know where you need to make improvements, as well as what's working. Dashboard displays data for website visits, pages per visit, visit duration, bounce rates, top entry points and exit points, and so much more.

Analytics for Improvement

Was it something I said?

Maybe it was. Create a more meaningful experience for your site visitors by understanding how they behave on your site. From top hit pages to those with the highest bounce rates, Dashboard provides a deep understanding of page performance to help you improve your content and conversion rates.

See How You Measure Up With Peer-Group Benchmarking

Feel like your tuition page bounce rate looks a little high? It may not be! With Dashboard's anonymous benchmark comparison data, you'll be able to see how your website performance compares to schools of your type and size from among our network of more than 1,000 schools.

Easily Share Data and Reports

Whether you're looking for a quick overview of your website's top entry points for your weekly Web Team meeting, or are trying to get the budget for a responsive design based on visits from mobile devices, any information can be easily share from Dashboard in PDF, PNG or Excel format.

Build a Custom Dashboard for your Head of School

Go beyond our expanded suite of indicators with custom views of your data that tell you how you're doing in areas uniquely critical to your school. You'll be able to provide better insight as to what's happening in every department at your school using a custom dashboard, specifically crafted for heads of school, boards, and other school leadership.

Expert Consulting

Receive Expert Consultation

No one in the world is better positioned than Finalsite to help you make sense of your data and to help you make a plan to take advantage of those insights. Our experienced team of Internet marketers are here to help you improve website performance by identifying areas of your website that need help, and crafting new strategies for improvement.

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