Finalsite Training

Master the Finalsite platform in three different styles to best match your way of learning.

Whether you're a brand-new website administrator, an experienced admin looking to learn about the latest Composer module, or a seasoned Finalsite veteran looking for webinars on advanced topics, there's something for everyone on the newly revamped Finalsite Training platform, virtual Finalsite Prep events, or through virtual Personalized Training courses designed specifically for your school.

Finalsite Training Opportunities

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Finalsite Training | On-Demand

With Finalsite's new online training platform, you can get Finalsite training whenever, wherever. The new self-guided training platform allows you to master the Finalsite platform at your own pace.

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Finalsite Prep | 2-Day Virtual Training

Get extensive hands-on Finalsite platform training over two days with our outstanding Finalsite Education team. Due to Covid, Finalsite Prep is currently being offered virtually only.

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Personalized Training

Work one-on-one with members of Finalsite’s Product Education team to learn about our software within the context of your own website. Training sessions can be customized to fit the specific needs of your admin users.

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Announcing Finalsite Certification

You've worked hard to develop your skillset and become the go-to person for Composer creativity at your organization. Now's your chance to make it official!

Grow your career and your school's communications capabilities with the Finalsite Administrator or Finalsite Essentials Certification. Details are found on the Finalsite Training platform, which is accessible through your Finalsite Dashboard.


Finalsite Training | Online, On-Demand

Featuring interactive pages, searchable videos, practical exercises, webinar recordings, and graded knowledge checks, Finalsite Training serves as a one-stop shop for new and experienced website admins to master the Finalsite platform. Finalsite veterans can take the Admin Certification course to become Finalsite certified while those new to the platform can take the Finalsite Essentials course to learn all about Composer's many modules.

Access the new Finalsite Training platform through your own Composer Admin Dashboard.

Finalsite Training includes:

  • Dozens of hours of self-guided courses, graded test, webinars on advanced topics, and best practice assets for additional information
  • Become Finalsite Certified by passing the Finalsite Admin Certification test or master the basics by taking the Finalsite Essentials course
  • New courses, tests, and webinars added throughout the year
  • Accessed directly through your Composer website navigation menu


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Virtual Prep | Platform Training

Finalsite's Virtual Prep is an ideal opportunity for website administrators to get trained in Composer and the modules you most frequently use. Learn new tips and best practices to help you make the most of The Finalsite Platform. While all Finalsite clients are welcome to attend, new site admins benefit most from this training.

Finalsite Prep is one and a half days with time for questions on the second day. It offers a comfortable classroom-style learning experience. We provide breakfast and lunch each day of the event. Virtual Prep is $199. 

When you attend Virtual Prep you will:

  • Receive 1.5 days of hands-on, in-person training in Composer and its related modules — such as Posts, Calendars, Messages and Resources.

  • Network with fellow web gurus and share ideas and strategies

  • Receive one-on-one attention from our Support team.

  • Walk away feeling ready to conquer all your website projects with ease!


Personalized Training | Go From Composer Rookie to Pro

Personalized training from Finalsite pros represents the ideal opportunity for website administrators to receive training on Composer and its modules virtually.  Finalsite’s Product Education team will customize your training program to fit the needs of your users. You'll work within your own website and pick and choose to learn the modules that are most important to your needs.

All the Perks of an In-Person Training, Without the Travel

Personalized training provides a classroom-style learning environment from the comfort of your home or office! We'll answer your questions to ensure you're ready to tackle your next big website project. Session recordings are provided so that you can share with your wider team.

Great Ideas and Actionable Tactics

You have a lot on your to-do list — and our goal is to help you work smarter. With tips and tricks for optimizing your use of Composer, you will be able to meet your daily challenges faster.

If your team is interested in personalized training, please reach out to your client success manager or email

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