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Creating an All-in-One Solution with Finalsite

Place your Finalsite website at the center of all of your systems and partners.

All-in-One with Finalsite

Finalsite recognizes the deep importance of connecting systems together and making the parent and student experience as seamless as possible, with as few logins as possible and with accurate data flowing from the system of record.

We have long recognized that it impossible for any one company to do it all. Even the companies that tout "All-in-One" inevitably have many systems that need to get used to round out the services parents, faculty, and staff need.

That's why we remain laser focused on being the industry-leading marketing and communications platform for K-12 worldwide. We take a "best of breed" approach and recognize that there are industry leaders in systems for health forms, college guidance and the like. Our job is to connect these systems together so that schools can leverage the investment they already have and use the tools that are best at what they do.

Finalsite's Philosophy of "All-in-One"

Ensure authentication from a single source, such as Active Directory, to synchronize user accounts between a school's Active Directory system and Finalsite. We synchronize a limited set of data points that are available in Active Directory, such as job title and phone number. Additional data points can be added, in most cases. 

Connect the student information system to the website with more than 40 (and counting!) frequently used single sign-on partners, student information systems, and payment gateways designed to work with the tools you already have in place.

Deploy single sign-on from Finalsite Portals to other web services, decluttering your home page and providing a better user experience for your students, parents, faculty and staff, alumni, and board members.

We provide a seamless user experience with the best technologies in the market. You simply won't find an easier, simpler, or better All-in-One solution than what Finalsite offers. 

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Looking to Integrate Your System with Finalsite?

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