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Integration Process and Details

Finalsite has a thorough and detailed integration process.

About the Integration Process

Data integration saves time by automating the process of uploading constituent (students, parents, faculty/staff, alumni) and academic (classes, rosters) data into Finalsite from your Student Information System (SIS). This automated data integration takes the place of manual data sheet uploads. Your data flows one-way, from your SIS into Finalsite. The ‘integrated’ data is used for eNotify lists, online directories, class pages (academic Group Spaces) and rosters, alumni Group Spaces, and so on; therefore, its integrity is important.

The integration is not real-time, but is run as a scheduled task, updating any data in Finalsite that has recently changed in your SIS. Depending on how the export from your SIS and upload to Finalsite are configured, data updates may be synced to Finalsite in as little as one hour.

Schools looking for two-way integration can leverage Finalsite's API, which has a broad set of end points for moving data into and out of the Finalsite database.

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Schools and districts choose Finalsite because we have the most integration partners in the industry. Learn more about our current SIS & SSO Partners.

Security, GDPR, and Compliance

Learn more about how Finalsite's platform is secure and complies with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).