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Back to School Finalsite Learn Highlights!

Hi Everyone!

With the start of school upon us, I wanted to send out a list which links you all to some of our most popular blog posts. Whether you are new to Finalsite Learn or just looking to brush up on some skills, these posts will help you out!

Working with Archived Classes: Trying to pull information from your archived classes? Here's all the info you need to get it done!

Designing a Group Space Homepage: This article contains tips for sprucing up your new group space. It talks about adding embedded elements and moving around content to make everything look fresh for the new school year!

Getting Started with the Quiz Tool: Here are some basic videos to get you started. Need some extra quiz info? Here are two additional articles: Extra Time on Quizzes and Scheduling Re-takes for Quizzes for Individual Students. We can randomize questions, too!

Sharing Resources in Classes: Here's an article on how to utilize your resources!

Hidden Admins: Are you a hidden admin of a group? Here's how to find your class in the Groups Directory Feature!

Working with the Gradebook? Here are some awesome articles for you, too!

Grade Export: Need to quickly export a view of all your grades? Check out this feature!

Dropping the lowest grade: Need to drop some of those grades that didn't go so well? We can do that!

We hope that this gets you guys off to a great start! Welcome back!