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[New Feature] Disable Gradebook Access

We absolutely love feedback on FinalsiteLearn! So much so that this new feature was completely driven by client request. Sometimes it is necessary for schools to withhold access to gradebook reports. Reasons for this could be as simple as returning an athletic uniform!

That being said, you wanted to restrict access to the grades but you did not want to remove access to the other class/group space information that is available in Finalsite Learn. To facilitate this, we have created a new section in the LMS Manager called "Disable Reports Access."

To disable a report a site admin will navigate to Modules and Settings (or Site Manager) --> Modules --> LMS Manager --> Reports Tab

Once at this screen you can use the "add student" button to select the student for which you would like to disable the report access. This will disable report access for students and the parents who are connected to the student via household. Remove the student from the list when you want to allow access to be returned!

Thank you for your continued feedback and Happy Friday!