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[New Feature] Dismissal Plans

Hello there! Happy Tuesday! Today we are talking about the dismissal plans. This was a highly requested feature for many of our schools, especially for their lower grades.

The dismissal plan feature can be activated in the LMS Manager, and is tied to the attendance piece of FinalsiteLearn.

To enable the dismissal plan feature for a school the site admin can navigate to Modules and Settings (Site Manager) --> Modules --> LMS Manager. Under the "Schools" tab, select the school that will be using the feature. Towards the bottom you will see the checkbox to "enable dismissal plans for teachers."

Once this is enabled additional information will be added to the teachers enter their attendance.

You can set a specific bus for each student by providing a data sheet to Finalsite with the importID for the student and the bus number they should ride. Then the bus field will pre-populate within the attendance tab for teachers. This would be submitted as a data upload ticket.

For the attendance admins, they will now see a dismissal plans section on their dashboard. Here attendance admins can view what teachers have entered and enter data themselves. They can also export the view as well. Any updates made via the attendance admin will appear in the class groups space, too!

If you would like to add dismissal plan options in addition to the 3 default you can navigate back to the LMS Manager and under the "Attendance" tab you can set additional dismissal types.

We hope you enjoy exploring this new feature!