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[New Feature] Groups Directory

As our users are beginning to launch their new sites on our Composer content management system, there are a few features that were so popular in Page Manager we actually integrated them into Finalsite Learn itself. One of them is a groups directory.

Frequently, schools will want to allow teachers to access other teacher's group spaces to take a look around and get some hints, tips, and suggestions! We have included a guest access section to allow specific roles to have access to group spaces in a specific node.

To turn this on you will want to navigate to Groups Manager (Modules and Settings --> People --> Group Manager) and select the top level node you want to grant access to. In this case, we want to grant access to those in the Faculty and Staff role to view the academic classes group spaces as a guest.

Once this is enabled, when teachers log in and navigate to the LMS they will have a small icon in the upper right hand corner. This is the directory icon. They will see this icon already if they are the hidden admin of a class (Click here for an article about Hidden Admins)

When clicking on the icon they will be presented with a list of classes that they can view. They simply have to click on the name to enter the group space as a guest.

Happy Wednesday!