Group Spaces

Constant, Secure Communications for All School Clubs and Organizations.

Group Spaces

Group Spaces

Group spaces offer virtually endless opportunities for off-campus communications. From planning study abroad trips to staying organized for an association accreditation, Group Spaces are a perfect fit for just about everything and everyone at your school.

Group Spaces for Athletics: The New "Team Player"

From top-secret championship-winning plays to practice cancellation push notifications, Learn’s Group Spaces offer an ideal environment for sports teams to build team camaraderie and receive up-to-the-minute updates off the field. In addition to using Learn’s intuitive calendars (that include directions to away games in just one click!), schools who use Group Spaces for athletic teams will have two additional elements available to them: Next Event and Scoreboard. The Next Event element will make sure your players and parents know exactly when and where the next game is located, while the Scoreboard element provides all game results in one central location.

Robotics Club Resources

Constant Communications for Clubs

Dance Team? Robotics Club? Mock Law? You can make a group space for that! Group Spaces are ideal for sharing information about club competitions and meeting times, as well as resources for helping members catch up on what they've missed and prepare for what's next.

Keep School Leadership Informed and Connected

Offer teachers the opportunity to learn from one another using Group Spaces. Providing each department at your school with its own private space to collaborate, share resources, discuss teaching styles will build new bonds among faculty. We've even seen some departments use their Group Space to sell cars and couches!

Group Spaces are also ideal for your Board of Trustees, and groups collaborating to obtain a new accreditation for your school.

Organize Trips and Events

Study abroad programs and major events require in-depth planning, organization and constant communications. That’s why schools like Castilleja School use Group Spaces to organize class trips to locales like China, France, Guatemala, and India. Each trip has it’s own Group Space that’s used to share information, pictures, and details to parents and students. This kind of open communication will help prepare students for their adventure, and make parents feel more secure about their child traveling the globe.

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