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Learning Management System and Group Spaces

From assigning to grading, blended learning is easier than ever before.

Connect Students, Teachers and Parents

Our learning management system makes learning an experience in and out of the classroom. Equipped with tools for sharing files, resources, media, ideas and more, your classrooms will become more engaged and connected than ever before. Responsive, secure, flexible and fully customizable, Finalsite Learn scales to fit the needs of schools of all sizes.

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Take two-minutes to see why more than 200 schools use Finalsite Learn for online learning and collaboration.

Finalsite Learn is unique because schools use it for more than just online learning — it's a fully integrated suite of tools that allow you to connect your entire community and inspire collaboration. Schools have used Learn to connect students across the globe, reduce the number of missed days due to inclement weather, and to connect school groups and clubs to enhance camaraderie.

Learn also integrates with Finalsite modules such as Calendars and Athletics to simplify and streamline your school-wide efforts.

If your school integrates your SIS with the Finalsite Platform, you can be sure your data is always up-to-date, too.

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Responsive, secure digital management for grades and report cards.

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Google Drive Integration

File sharing made easy for teachers and students.

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Online Calendars

Quickly add assignments, class events, and due dates for quizzes, tests and dropbox assignments, and send update alerts to subscribers.


Simplify and streamline daily and class attendance for teachers and for admins.

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Paperless Assignment Submission

Enable your students to submit assignments online.

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Student Workload Planner

View the number of assignments each student has assigned and due on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Private Classrooms/Group Spaces

Constant, secure communications for all school clubs and organizations.

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Inline Annotation

Share questions and comments about assignments instantaneously with in-line annotation.

Blogs and Discussions

 A safe and secure place to collaborate and share ideas. 




Around the world use Finalsite Learn to connect students, parents and teachers.


Easy-to-Use Tools

For assignments, grading, quizzes, discussions, and more!


Pieces of Paper

Saved each year when schools use Learn for online quizzes and assignments.


Of Snow Days

That occurred, but learning still took place!


Pricing Options

To provide you a flexible, scalable and affordable online learning option.

What Finalsite Learn Users Say...

"One of the biggest benefits of Learn is the ability to provide instruction when school is closed for an extended period or if a student is absent for an extended period. Our Virtual Learning Days have allowed us to stick to our school calendar without having to add additional school days to make up for snow days that go beyond our allotted number."

Julie Kim,  Website and Communications Manager
Trinity Christian School of Fairfax

"Simple attendance and dismissal plans allow us to quickly get into our classroom time and cut down on confusion at the front desk."

Meghan Easterly, Webmaster and Database Manager
Seacrest Country Day School

"Our teachers can accommodate different learning styles through various teaching tools, our students are more engaged as they participate more in the learning process, and our parents have a window into the classroom, a previously closed environment."

Julie Kim, Website and Communications Manager
Trinity Christian School of Fairfax

"The simple Gradebook enables us to spend a lot of time writing thoughtful narratives, instead of collecting grade data. The ability to create an assignment that pops up in a student planner, and populates your grade book, is awesome."

Meghan Easterly, Webmaster
Seacrest Country Day School

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