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Mobile Communication Software for Schools

Build a stronger, more connected school community with mobile communication software built for schools like yours.

An All-in-One Solution for Mobile Communications

Whether you want to provide a personalized mobile experience for your constituents, send important emergency notifications to everyone, or keep your community updated with the latest information, Finalsite has a solution for you with mobile communications tools and software built exclusively for the unique needs of schools.

Mobile Communication Tools for a Connected School Community

Mobile App

Personalize the mobile experience with user-based filters and content published directly from your website.

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Email Subscriptions

Send constituents information based on email subscriptions via Alerts with our calendars and news modules.

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Emergency Notifications

SwiftK12 helps school administrators communicate more effectively with parents, students, and staff.

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Keep your constituents informed with real-time, opt-in notifications through email or SMS text messages. 

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Datasheet: Finalsite's New Mobile App

Learn all about how Finalsite's improved and redesigned mobile app can help you increase engagement, create a stronger school community, and personalize the mobile experience to meet the growing demand for app-based mobile browsing.