Finalsite App home screen on an iPhone X in a hand

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Keep Your School Community Updated On-The-Go.

Offer a personalized mobile app experience with dynamic content from your website.

The average adult spends nearly four hours of their day on their smartphones, with more than 80 percent of that time spent in apps. Match that growing demand with a personalized mobile experience for your constituents with our newly redesigned mobile app for Android and iOS. The app automatically populates with content pulled from your responsive website and user-based filtering options to create a truly custom app-browsing experience.

Example of an Events list view in The Finalsite App

With The Finalsite App, you can:

  • Publish content automatically from your Finalsite modules to your app using Create Once, Publish Everywhere (C.O.P.E.) functionality
  • Navigate with intuitive tap and scroll-based navigation
  • Allow users to filter content so they only see what they're interested in 
  • Customize the home screen with school logos and colors, news pulled from Posts, and upcoming events pulled from Calendar Manager
  • Send topic-based notifications using the Messages module
  • Login with Portal accounts to access private calendars, faculty and staff directories; images, files, and docs; and blogs and news content
  • Allow users to select individual schools in a district so they only see content from the schools relevant to them


Explore The Finalsite App

Download a Recording of the Mobile App Webinar

Download this on-demand webinar recording to watch as Product Manager Alex Wack walks you through the new and improved Finalsite Mobile App. Learn how your school can automatically publish content to the app with our Compose Once, Publish Everywhere content modules, and how your school can match the growing demand for a convenient and personalized mobile browsing experience with user-based content filtering options.