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Community Portals

A safe, private space built just for your school.

Declutter your website and get connected to your community with Finalsite Portals.

Portals are an information management system that provides a safe and secure place for parents, students, faculty and other school roles to access information that’s just for them — such as permission slips, event dates, directories, and lunch menus at home and on-the-go. Portals are built and managed using Finalsite Composer, meaning your internal website will have the same branding, colors, fonts and layout as your external website – and the editing is just as easy, too! 

Flexible and packed with features, Portals make it simple to share school communications with students, parents, and teachers safely.

Paperless Communications and Notifications

Portals are software solutions that give all of your paper communications and resources a safe home with quick access that’s not on your public website — and you’ll eliminate clutter on your desk and on your website.

By driving current families to your Portals, other sections of your website can be focused on marketing goals like engaging prospective parents, prospective students, alumni, and donors. Portals create a personalized, secure area for your constituents to find everything they need. And since Portals is part of Composer, you can easily pull content from Calendars, Posts, Athletics, and all other modules for comprehensive school management. 


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Types of Portals 

Parents, Students, Alumni, Board Members, Faculty and Staff all have a secure, online homebase with school portal software.


SIS Integrations and SSOs

Portals integrate with popular SIS platforms and web providers to create a simple single sign-on for your community into the platforms they use most frequently. 


Finalsite Clients

Use Portals on their website to provide targeted content and declutter their homepage!


Hosting Uptime

Guaranteed uptime and the same iron-clad security as your website, means you can rest assured that your Portals are up.

"Using the Finalsite Portals, we were able to centralize all of our parent communication and provide a single point of reference for families."

Sara Griffith, Director of Admissions & Advancement
American School of Milan

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Personalized and Organized Information Management

Portals simplify targeted communications and marketing and allow you to personalize news, calendars, and even announcements for each constituent group, meaning parents, faculty, alumni or students will only see the information they need.

Share information targeted to specific constituent groups to focus your marketing and communication efforts. Promote events, annual fund appeals, important announcements, news and much more! Individual users can manage their personal profile, subscriptions, and any other details about themselves, providing maximum flexibility around what information they'd like to share and receive.

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Dynamic Social Media Feeds

Give Portals some spirit by adding social media feeds.

Since Portals allow for personalized content, you’ll be able to pull in specific social feeds you want your constituents to see —like an alumnae Twitter account for the alumni portal or the Parent Association's Facebook account for the parent portal.

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SSO Integrations, Hosting, and Security

Ironclad and secure, Portals seamlessly connect the systems you already use while keeping your constituents' data safe.

Finalsite has dozens of single sign-on partners, meaning you can access any of those accounts automatically from your Finalsite Portal without a need for another username or password. And best of all, the data stored in your Portals is backed by Finalsite's ironclad hosting and security, and can be automatically integrated with your Student Information System (SIS), meaning you don't have to manage data in two places.

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