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Build and Maintain an Accessible School Website

Finalsite provides easy-to-use tools and services to make building and maintaining an accessible website easy.

Our Holistic Approach to Website Accessibility

To us, website accessibility isn't just about laws and regulations — it is about doing the right thing. Our goal is to ensure that every one of your website visitors has the same great experience no matter what — which is why we're dedicated to ensuring your website is accessible from the ground up.

What makes Finalsite's approach different from our competitors is not only the passion we bring to our projects, but the knowledge, structure, and testing that goes into them as well. Our designers and developers are trained in layout, content, structural and navigational requirements of web accessibility, and craft our websites with a keen attention to detail. Every site goes through a formal Quality Assurance process to ensure we've met essential WCAG requirements, and the in-house accessibility experts on our Support Team make sure that accessibility is maintained as your site develops and grows.

Your Website Is in Good Hands

Experienced Designers

Our team of designers are trained to ensure your site is accessible from the ground up (and still looks great).

Discover Our Process

Website Accessibility Committee

Our accessibility committee spans all departments, and brings together forward-thinking individuals who care about your district.

Meet Our Team

Dedicated Accessibility Specialist

When you work with Finalsite, you'll have a dedicated accessibility specialist to ensure your project is successful from start to finish.

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Free Training & Resources

Our trained, in-house accessibility specialists provide ongoing training on web accessibility and compliance.

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Finalsite & AudioEye

Accessibility Certification

The trusted certification illustrates your district's commitment to accessibility and lets visitors know you are continually striving to maintain accessibility.

Scan, Report & Fix Functionality

AudioEye isn't your average scan and report tool, the platform also includes auto-remediation of issues ‚ meaning accessibility errors are fixed for you.

OCR Mitigation

If you're already in a lawsuit with the OCR, AudioEye will provide the legal guidance and support to help you win.

Managed Service

Accessibility errors that cannot automatically be fixed will be manually fixed by one of AudioEye's Accessibility Engineers.

Help Desk Functionality

AudioEye is the only tool that provides a digital help desk, which allows website visitors to submit accessibility errors and/or concerns directly to AudioEye.

Ally Toolbar

The Ally toolbar provides screen reading technology and other tools to provide an optimized user experience for all visitors.

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audioeye accessibility certification on avon grove website

"With an OCR complaint, even if you win, you lose. There's all types of associated fees with it. For Avon Grove, we wanted to avoid an OCR complaint at all costs — but we didn't have the time, resources, or formally-trained personnel to do so. Finalsite and AudioEye gave us an affordable, workable solution for accessibility that saves us time and money — and we don't have to do the heavy lifting."

Gary Mattei
Director of Technology


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"AudioEye's technology-first approach to digital accessibility has proven effective from the very start and should serve as a trusted model for all school districts seeking to conform with ADA-related laws and striving to ensure the highest level of access and usability. When it comes to identifying issues of accessibility, the test results are reliable and accurate; when it comes to fixing issues of accessibility, the AudioEye remediation technology is cost-effective and the impact is immediate."

Michael Miller
Accessibility Coordinator

Resources for ADA Compliance and Website Accessibility

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