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Web Design and CMS for Independent Schools

Simple content management, award-winning design and secure hosting built for independent schools.

Empower Your School to Recruit, Retain and Engage.

From recruiting right-fit families and faculty to retaining students, staff, and alumni, over 1,300 US independent schools, including more than 600 NAIS member schools, choose the Finalsite platform to showcase what makes them unique and communicate effectively.

With products and services designed just for schools, we have new pricing and scalable packages to fit every budget. Our easy-to-use CMS, inbound tools, integrations with partners like Veracross, Blackbaud, Magnus Health and more, award-winning designs, secure hosting and dozens of tools for managing content,  schools around the world agree that Finalsite is partner of choice for sharing their value. 

Why Finalsite

Award-Winning Design

Our talented design team has earned more than 80 awards for sites like Taft, Sidwell Friends, and Punahou.

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Seamless Integration

Integration with Blackbaud, Senior Systems, Veracross and other popular platforms simplify workflows and ensure data integrity.

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Security and Compliance

We are proud to be GDPR compliant and work tirelessly on ensuring your data is secure, backed up and serving from the best network infrastructure in the market.

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Inbound Marketing Tools

Engage your community and measure what works with inbound marketing tools for email workflows, page personalization and more!

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Easy-to-Use CMS

Composer lets anyone design and update beautiful website pages with no coding knowledge required.

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Affordable and Scalable

Starting at $6,500/yr, you can join the best schools in the country on a platform that is stable, incredibly flexible and well developed. Add over time as your needs change.

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NAIS Member Schools (and counting!)

We're the partner of choice for nearly half of NAIS schools nationwide! 


Hosting Uptime

Our iron-clad secure hosting very rarely skips a beat to ensure a seamless experience.


Client Retention

Schools who choose Finalsite, stay with Finalsite.


Design Awards 

Our talented team receives accolades from the world's most prestigious web design awards. 


Finalsite staff who have worked in schools

We've been there, from admissions and advancement to the classroom and dorms, and know what it takes to help you reach your goals.  Learn more about our awesome team! 


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"The new site has driven a 33% increase in admissions inquiry traffic and conversions this year over last year!"

Matt Wolinksi, Director of Financial Aid


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"Finalsite has the expertise, and really has the process down. The team ushers you through in a timely manner, and was as invested in making a gorgeous site as much as we were."

Kaitlin Orfitelli, Director of Marketing and Communications



"I was super impressed with Finalsite Composer from the beginning. It's really intuitive, and it goes a step further by having already built-out capabilities that hadn't even occurred to me. You can just tell the software was really thoughtfully developed, built based on years of experience and requests, layers and layers of requests, and tailored to a website editor's needs and experience."

Alyce Callison, Website and Digital Communications Manager


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"Only three months into the current school year, our phones started ringing with inquiries about enrollment for the 2017-2018 academic year. In a time where, unfortunately, many Catholic grammar schools are seeing a decrease in enrollment, we were comfortable projecting an increase. About 90% of the callers mentioned hearing about our school online. The investment we made in our school's website is paying off! Thank you, Finalsite!"

Jonathan DeRosa, Principal

Independent School Web Design Portfolio

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chadwick school homepage screenshot

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The Chadwick School website puts true emphasis on story-telling, evident from the very first headline: "Your Journey Starts Here." Navigation is intentional and catered directly to the audience– viewers must choose on the homepage whether to explore village school, middle school, or upper school. From there, each section has a unique display of testimonials, images, and headlines to resonate with its respective demographic. Each interior page has a purposeful and well-thought-out layout, allowing viewers to go as in depth in their school research as they want. 

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Choate Rosemary Hall
choate rosemary hall

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Choate Rosemary Hall, a top New England boarding school serving grades 9-12, has been a client of Finalsite's for over decade and has gone through several redesigns. In the latest iteration, Choate's goal was to launch a cutting-edge website that reflects their commitment to innovation and reinforces their desire to enroll students who are highly academic and motivated, independent and mature, yet collaborative by nature. Their site tells the story of a community where students are encouraged to take calculated risks, follow their passions, and become active community contributors with a global view and openness to understanding others. Live@Choate, a showcase for their social media, and other features, such as Choate by the Numbers, are one of many examples of how a school can leverage Finalsite software in a stunning design.

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The Hotchkiss School
The Hotchkiss School

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The Hotchkiss School, a top New England boarding school in Lakeville, CT, founded in 1891, launched a terrific new website with Finalsite in 2017, having worked with Finalsite for many years already. The new site leverages Finalsite's flexible modules to share news, calendars, photos, athletics information and much more within a best-in-class design that helps the school tell their story every day. Integration allows the school to simplify logins for students, parents and faculty while leveraging their internal databases to avoid redundant information. Drone video draws users into the homepage, while pages like "Alumni Accomplishments" showcase just how special the school's alumni are.

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The Taft School

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When someone first arrives on campus at Taft School, the beautiful collection of collegiate-Gothic buildings often will takes their breath away; Finalsite had a tall order to create a website that would do the same.  In addition to their picturesque campus, Taft wanted its website to spotlight their passionate faculty, bright students and close-knit community.  Finalsite helped Taft School transition from a 10-year-old website, working closely with the team to accurately portray a 'first glance' of everything that makes Taft special. Finalsite's deployment team created a beautiful interactive experience, equipped with two microsites for Athletics and Arts, social media feeds, and video marketing. The site received a 2017 Communicator of Distinction Award, one of the most prestigious web design awards in the industry.

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