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Data and Systems Integration

Connect your systems, streamline logins and simplify how your data moves.

Sleep easy knowing your users are accessing and seeing the latest information.

Every school and district has multiple data systems to consider, with the website being at the center of each. Finalsite understands the complexity of data flow and recognizes that avoiding redundant data entry and creating a cogent plan for data flow and multiple logins is a key priority for your IT department.

With over 70 partners in Finalsite's ecosystem, the first step in establishing a plan and eliminating redundant data entry is understanding your school's or district's unique situation, which includes auditing your existing software tools and mapping the data flow to and from each point.

Finalsite's Data and Systems Integration Services

Experienced Integration Specialists

Our team of integration specialists has experience working with most every major student information systems and web services used by schools.

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Security, Privacy and Compliance

Finalsite adheres to global security standards, including GDPR, and cares deeply about the security and privacy of your data.

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Seamless authentication is an expectation for website users. Whether you use Google, LDAP or Active Directory, we will ensure your school user accounts are tied appropriately with the website.

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Free Training & Resources

Our trained, in-house integration specialists provide ongoing training on connecting systems and best practices for data flow.

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Partner Network

Finalsite has built a deep ecosystem of over 70 software providers, which is critical in a successful integration.

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Finalsite Open & Open API

Finalsite has experienced with custom information systems, be it a FileMaker database or a homegrown SQL solution. Finalsite Open provides a flexible approach to mapping and pulling data to refresh the website's constituent records.

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Looking to Integrate Your System with Finalsite?

Meet with one of our educational consultants today to learn how we turn separate systems into powerful marketing and communication tools.

Data Integration Blog Posts

Dive into case studies and best practices on data integration.

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Additional Integration Resources

Learn more about Finalsite's data integration capabilities and how they can help your school in on-demand webinars and more.

Download Finalsite’s Data Integrations Datasheet

This datasheet includes a brief overview of Finalsite's Data Integrations, a checklist of features and benefits, and product screenshots.

Discover Finalsite's Data Integration

Integrate your school's software systems with the Finalsite platform for accurate, automated, secure and private data.