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Web Accessibility Solutions for Schools & Districts

Finalsite's website accessibility tools and services help you provide a truly inclusive experience.

Build an Inclusive Digital Experience

Accessibility is a company-wide initiative, because to us, it isn't about laws, regulations and scare tactics — but about doing the right thing for everyone. From a careful design process and in-house accessibility experts, to our partnership with AudioEye and free blogs and resources, our goal is to help your school build a web presence that is accessible to all.

Finalsite's Website Accessibility Services

Experienced Designers

Our team of designers are trained to ensure your site is accessible from the ground up (and still looks great).

Website Accessibility Committee

Our accessibility committee spans all departments, bringing together forward-thinking individuals who care about your community.

Dedicated Accessibility Specialist

When you work with Finalsite, you'll have a dedicated accessibility specialist to ensure your project is successful from start to finish.

Managed Service

Accessibility errors that cannot automatically be fixed will be manually fixed by one of AudioEye's Accessibility Engineers.

Free Training & Resources

Our trained, in-house accessibility specialists provide ongoing training on web accessibility and compliance.

Help Desk Functionality

AudioEye is the only tool that provides a digital help desk, which allows website visitors to submit accessibility errors and/or concerns directly to AudioEye.

Accessibility Certification

The trusted certification illustrates your district's commitment to accessibility and lets visitors know you are continually striving to maintain accessibility.

Ally Toolbar

The Ally toolbar provides screen reading technology and other tools to provide an optimized user experience for all visitors.

Scan, Report & Fix Functionality

AudioEye isn't your average scan and report tool, the platform also includes auto-remediation of issues‚ meaning accessibility errors are fixed for you.

OCR Mitigation

If you're already in a lawsuit with the OCR, AudioEye will provide the legal guidance and support to help you navigate the process and position you for a successful outcome.

Is Web Accessibility an Initiative for Your School?

Meet with one of our educational consultants today to learn about our holistic, impactful, and affordable approach to web accessibility.

Web Accessibility Blog Posts

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Additional Website Accessibility Resources

Free Accessibility Analysis

Is your district's website accessible? We'll tell you with an accessibility analysis and report of areas of improvement on your site, and share the steps you can take to improve it.

Free eBook: Website Accessibility Basics

New to web accessibility? Download our free eBook that outlines the three steps to building and maintaining an accessible website.